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Learn How to Use “you ni suru” – To try to do something

July 18th, 2014 · Uncategorized

To tell someone that you will try to do something, or to ask someone to try to do something is a useful way of speaking. That is why in today’s post, you will learn how to use “you ni suru” ようにする to tell or ask someone to try to do something. Let’s find out.

あした の く じ までに、くる よう に して ください – Please try to come by 9 o’ clock tomorrow.

Words to learn

くじ – 9 o’ clock

までに – by


よう に する means “to try to” or “to make it a point”. So you can see that to use it correctly, it needs to be added after a plain verb only, no other forms and no adjectives involve. In the above example would be くる which means to come and then add ようにする after it. That will mean “to try to come” or “to make it a point to come”.

Phrase examples

いく よう に する – to try to go

よむ よう に する – to try to read

ねる よう に する – to try to sleep

You should probably be able to understand how to use よう に する correctly. It’s not so hard. Enjoy learning Japanese!

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